interactive storytelling on Indian poor’s ambitions and what sustainable energy’s got to do with it film

A farmer in a mud hut,a fruit seller on the pavement, a music school in the forest or fisherfolks on an abandoned island - how can the diverse energy needs of such deprived communities be met? To find out, travel with SELCO in the interactive documentary This sustainable energy enterprise has reached a million people with little access to electricity. It’s an illuminating tale of rural and urban poor’s ambitions being powered up. Puns intended.

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Yellapur, North-west Karnataka

A solar panel on the roof can provide energy in the middle of a forest but how can Siddis like Michael afford it while living in a forest??
It’s the ‘one day wage’ calculation.

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Kalkeri Music school

Kalkeri village, North Karnataka

KSV school offers poor students from surrounding villages a holistic education with an emphasis on music of their region- Hindustani classical music. As a kindred spirit sharing their goals of social commitment and sustainability, SELCO takes care of the school's very particular power needs.

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